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FlyOver Travel understands that travel should be fun and carefree.  We have a group of specialists who strive to give you a stress free experience for any travel plan you choose.  We focus on delivering premium service for premium adventures.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have travelled the world, and can help you find the unique adventure you are looking for.  We are dedicated to our clients, treat them like family, and work diligently as your advocate in the planning and booking of your trip.

We truly believe... If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It Reality!

Meet the Team


Kristin Freeman

Founder and CEO / Travel Expert


Growing up the vacations I experienced were some of my fondest memories, and still the topic of wonderful conversations today!  I cherish those memories, my goal is to build an agency that can can provide exceptional personal service and stress free travel, so creating wonderful memories is our clients number one goal. 

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many destinations around the world, but the blue waters and beautiful beaches of the Caribbean and Mexico are my passion. My favorite destination is St. Lucia, seeing the Pitons and visiting the volcanic mud baths then plunging in the beautiful waterfalls is a dream come true! I enjoy seeing the world with my husband, four children, parents and any other family members or friends that join along.

Traveling with family/friend groups or a colleagues for a corporate trip can make planning somewhat overwhelming, but that is my speciality!  I enjoy finding the perfect destination, coordinating every detail and working to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.  The bigger the challenge the more fun it is - reunions, large family vacations, special interest group travel, corporate incentive travel and destination weddings are my favorite.  

The agents of FlyOver Travel and Beach Happy Travel personally visit numerous properties each year and spend countless hours training on travel destinations, providers and experiences so we are educated and prepared to help our clients created their perfect vacation. 

My life motto... "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.  Throw off the bowlines, set sail from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, dream and discover." Mark Twain

Amy Grice

For me travel is an adventure and a way to experience the culture and history of my destination. I like to see as much as possible on my trips. My vacations are not always relaxing, but I still find myself energized and rejuvenated after each one.

Growing up my family traveled by pulling a camper behind our station wagon and hitting the road for 2 weeks. My dad would draw a circular route on the atlas and we would stop along the way at anything that seemed interesting. My personal trips today take inspiration from that model – I plan my route or destination, accommodations, and some “must-see” stops, but I leave flexibility in my schedule for enjoying the unexpected treasures.

Some of my favorite cities in the world are Venice, Italy, Bergen, Norway, Brugge, Belgium, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I’ve experienced a lot of places but still have many more on my wish list – I think Spain is the next one I’ll check off.

Travelers have different objectives and interests, and I enjoy the challenge of the planning process. I pride myself on working closely with my clients to make sure their trip is as close to their version of perfect as possible.


Sonie Distefano

My love for travel and adventure started when I walked into a travel agency for a job more than 25 years ago. I started from the ground up and have experienced all aspects of travel; working for the airlines, helping the travel agents plan trips for their customers, corporate travel, and finally individual and group travel which has become my passion. It thrills me to be able to take the dreams of my clients and turn them into reality. The knowledge I have gained from many years of experience is an invaluable tool.

I feel blessed for the many opportunities I have had to see the world. My travel experiences include the Caribbean, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, Europe, Greece, and Northern Africa. My world travels have taught me that travel is experiential; not only do you see the beauty in the world but you also experience the beauty of the people and cultures you can only recognize by witnessing first hand. Perhaps you are an active traveler- climbing ancient ruins, hiking to breathtaking views, or learning about the history of the world and other civilizations. Conversely, maybe you prefer taking a lazy catamaran trip on crystal blue waters, sipping wine in the Tuscan countryside, or just relaxing on the beach. Maybe your ideal holiday is balance of activity and relaxation, such as a river cruise with active days and lazy nights. Regardless of your travel goals, I can help you create special memories.

People have asked me why I have been in travel so long. My love of people of all ages keeps me going. It is so fulfilling to see the joy on their faces when they take the trip of a lifetime. Whether it be an incentive trip you have earned, family vacation, girls trip, celebration of your wedding, a family reunion, or even just time to get away, let’s get planning. Life is meant to be lived. Take that much deserved trip. You are worth it.

The world is an amazing place. Let me help you explore it!

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Christine Austin

My love for travel started at a young age with my family and continued as I studied abroad in college. Most of our family trips were centered around learning the history of a new city, but we did our fair share of road trips as well. I have continued that love for learning about a new area and thoroughly enjoy exploring a new environment. I love seeking out the restaurants where the locals eat as well as enjoying the tourist attractions.

I was excited to share my love for travel with my husband and kids. Luckily, they also enjoy exploring new cities, states, countries, and islands. We try to balance exploring a new culture along with trips that offer a nice sandy relaxing beach (where I will still seek out those local fares!). I have been to countless countries, a few continents, and many islands. Among my favorite places have been Australia, Switzerland, France, Italy, Ireland, Belize, Turks & Caicos, St. Lucia, St. Martin. While my adventures go beyond this list, I truly have enjoyed all my travels! I have a long wish list of destinations that I look forward to exploring someday, including Asia as well as exploring more of Central and South America. Hopefully, the next trip will be to Japan!

I realize that everyone travels for various reasons, and that there are times you want to explore and there are times you want to relax. It can be very overwhelming picking a destination or place to stay. I love working with clients, getting to know them and their vacation goals. I love the challenge of putting together the dream vacation, whatever that might look like for my client!


Jessica Tavelli

Travel has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up, we would plan our summer around where we wanted to go…always exploring someplace new together. This is a passion that I have been fortunate enough to share with my own children and hope they will carry on with their own families.

Having a daughter with a life threatening food allergy has made me especially adept in special needs travel. If your family has special needs that make the thought of travel daunting, please let me help! I’m here to help you navigate what can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task. Please don’t let your challenges stop you from travelling…I promise you we can find the perfect destination for you and your family!

I have always loved building relationships in every job I’ve had…being a part of making those special memories! I look forward to helping you with your travel plans, whatever they may look like…from Disney to Dude Ranches, I’m here to help!


Justine King

Travel Expert 


My love for travel began when I started working as a travel agent almost 30 years ago.  

Growing up, we didn't travel much, so I wanted to make as many travel memories as possible with my own family.  My husband and I travel as much as we can!
I've worked in leisure and corporate travel, as well as for the airlines.  After 9/11 the travel industry changed quite a bit, so I took a bit of a detour for many years, but I am back, and more excited to book travel than ever!
Most recently, I have found a passion for booking honeymoons!  I love to be part of newlyweds first venture as husband and wife!
Some of my favorite places I have traveled to have been, Turks & Caicos, St Martin, Belize, Honduras, St Thomas, Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica. The beautiful clear water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean have my heart.  
My bucket list travel plans include a long tour of all things Italy!
I look forward to helping bring your travel dreams to life!
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Jennifer Jones

Travel Expert 


Travel is a gift of time!

It is a time when everyone can genuinely unplug and relax.  To share special moments and enjoy the beauty of the world and the people in it.  I enjoy spending time with my husband, three daughters, and granddaughter.

We travel with our furry family members.  I remember traveling with my siblings and parents while growing up.  My father planned and organized family adventures.  We had an RV camper where we would load up and hit the road during the summer.  I remember listening to the Beatles, Dear Abbey Road. The same tunes are on my playlist today.

When I was in college, I traveled with my best friends.  Here we are 20 + years later!  Keeping the tradition alive and well where we sneak away for an annual girl’s trip once a year. The time is invaluable to each of us, again, a true gift of time we cherish.  Likewise, the '80s and 90's tunes rewind the Summertime days.  It is always a good time filled with many laughs—the decades of remembering when conversations.

Today, our family has several favorite destinations.  My goal is to help clients be able to make their dream vacation.  Have a well-organized getaway or vacation that offers less stress and more freedom to enjoy the time together.  I work with families, couples, and groups with dear friends.  Together we will plan the trip that meets your desire and budget.  That will allow you to enjoy every moment.

When we refresh ourselves, we reconnect better with life and people.  When we do self-care, we can focus on other life essentials.  It is vital to reconnect with ourselves, family, and friends.  I love domestic travel and to the coast the most. I look forward to serving you.