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My love for travel began when I started working as a travel agent almost 30 years ago.

Growing up, we didn't travel much, so I wanted to make as many travel memories as possible with my own family. My husband and I travel as much as we can!

I've worked in leisure and corporate travel, as well as for the airlines. After 9/11 the travel industry changed quite a bit, so I took a bit of a detour for many years, but I am back, and more excited to book travel than ever! I have found a passion for booking honeymoons! I love to be part of newlyweds first venture as husband and wife! Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean, as well as Carnival Cruises are my jam!

Most recently, I went on my dream trip to the Holy Land and it changed my life! My goal is to take as many groups back as possible!!

Some of my favorite places I have traveled to have been, Turks & Caicos, St Martin, Belize, Honduras, St Thomas, Hawaii, Mexico and Jamaica. The beautiful clear water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean have my heart, and now Israel!


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