Galapagos Adventure: Northern Islands (Grand Daphne)

06/21/2023 through 12/10/2024
06/21/2023 through 12/13/2024
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Le Grand Daphne

Galapagos Adventure: Northern Islands (Grand Daphne)

With almost 1000 kilometres of water lying between them and the South American mainland, the islands of the Galapagos were able to evolve largely unfettered by the presence of humanity. The archipelago has captivated explorers for years, and it remains almost as rugged, as remote and as enchanting as ever. Encounter sassy sea lions, hike over hardened lava, and cool off with multiple snorkels in aquamarine waters. This cruise is perfect for those who like their adventures active and action-packed.


  • Isla San Cristobal – Interpretation Center Visit (1 hour) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Plaza Sur – Walk (2 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Santa Fe – Walk (1.5 hours) – Wet Landing
  • Isla Santa Fe – Snorkel (1 hour)
  • Isla Genovesa – Bahia Darwin – Walk (2 hours) Wet Landing
  • Isla Genovesa – La Barranco – Snorkel (1 hour)
  • Isla Santiago – Sullivan Bay – Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Santa Cruz – Bahia Borrero – Walk (1 hour)
  • Santa Cruz – Bahia Borrero – Snorkel 45minutes – Wet Landing
  • Isla Santiago – Sullivan Bay – Snorkelling (45 mins)
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Cerro Dragon – Walk (1.5 hours) – Dry Landing
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Cerro Dragon – Snorkelling or swimming (1 hour)
  • Isla Santa Cruz – Black Turtle Cove – Panga ride (1.5 hours)


  • Hike, snorkel, sleep, repeat – this isn’t your average cruise. Get active in the rugged and isolated northern Galapagos Islands.
  • From sunbathing sea lions to colourful crabs, this trip is bound to feature encounters with crazy critters of all shapes and sizes.
  • Wander along the beautiful white sand beach at Bahia Borrero, then snorkel with reef sharks and manta rays..
  • This 7-day tour is a short and sweet introduction to the famed archipelago, the perfect addition to any South American adventure.
  • An itinerary that strikes the perfect balance between excursion-packed days and relaxing evenings on Le Grande Daphne, our brand-new motor yacht.


Day 1 Quito
Day 2 Quito/Isla San Cristobal
Day 3 Isla Santa Fe/Isla Plaza Sur
Day 4 Isla Genovesa
Day 5 Isla Santiago/Isla Santa Cruz
Day 6 Isla Santa Cruz/Quito
Day 7 Quito

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