Why Use A Travel Agent?


Professionally trained travel agents invest years in education and complete length certification exams to become experts. We also travel and inspect properties several times a year to become more knowledgeable and gain further insight.

Stress Free

Why waste time combing through the overwhelming amount of options online? We cut through the clutter to find what works best for you and your unique vacation needs. Agents also have partnerships with properties and suppliers for special deals and extra values like room upgrades, resort credits and more.

Save Money

Have you ever bought something only to find that you don’t need it or it wasn’t what you wanted? Our job is to help our clients avoid costly mistake and get them the dream vacation they are seeking.

Consumer Protection

Unlike big box stores or generic websites, we don’t go away once your invoice is paid. We solve problems and advocate on your behalf when help is needed. We also work with you to insure your trip and protect your vacation investment.

You’re Already Paying For One

Many people are unaware that when you book online through one of “those” vacation site, you’re paying a “gross” rate that already includes an agent commission, whether you benefit from our assistance or not. Why not get the extra service and attention that you paid for?


We are here to help you!

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