Everything about the Year 2020 has been unprecedented. As the world gears up to celebrate COVID Holidays this year, awareness of Air Travel safety measures is significance. Planning air travel in the current times has become a tedious exercise that requires a plethora of careful considerations. Travelers are still confused and apprehensive of the Do’s and Do Not’s while at the airport or on board a flight. If you are one of them, planning air travel but worried about how to fly safely without losing out on all the fun, this article is for you!

Air travel remains the most convenient and quick mode of travel. However, airports are also places that attract a considerable crowd. With the onset of the festive season, many countries are lifting travel restrictions. Hence, long queues and crowded airport lounges could be a common sight. Though authorities and airline companies would follow hygiene and safety guidelines, it is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure personal safety and hygiene as they travel. Here are a few safety tips we wanted to share for you to keep in mind if you are flying this holiday season.

1. Follow the Undeniable rule of Wearing Masks:

Wear masks at all times while you are at the airport or inside the flight. It is crucial to follow extant guidelines on proper usage and disposal of masks after use. While people in the risk category and the elderly are advised to wear medical/surgical masks, travelers in the relatively less risk-prone category can opt for fabric masks. Ensure that you keep your mouth, nose, and chin covered while you wear the mask. Keep a stock of a good number of masks with you. Wear a new mask once you deboard the plane.

2. Wash, Sanitize, Repeat!

While wearing a mask is one of the means of protection, washing hands intermittently is necessary to maintain proper hygiene. Do not forget to keep a good hand sanitizer handy to use while on the flight when water is not readily available.

3. Social Distancing Is The New Norm!

While booking air tickets opt for airlines that follow administrative protocols. If you can, choose to fly with Airlines which restrict passenger capacity to limited numbers. Doing so can facilitate  social distancing during your flight. Keep yourself at a distance from persons who appear sick and avoid exposing yourself to droplets from coughing and sneezing by co-passengers. If possible, check out options to travel in business class to ensure personal space during travel.

4. Touching Your Face Is A Big “NO”!

Despite all the precautions, you could still be vulnerable to infection. Inadvertent contact with susceptible surfaces increases the risk of disease. Therefore, avoid touching your face, nose, and mask frequently. A face shield is an excellent way to prevent yourself from touching your face often. Wearing shades or goggles would help keep your hands off your eyes.

5. Web Check-Ins to Ebb the Queue!

Given the pandemic, most Airline companies have enabled online check-in process. You can opt for online check in to avoid standing in queues and crowded areas.  It is important to reach the airport at least 3 hours before flight time if possible, with increased steps in the process extra time is always helpful!  Remain cautious about practicing social Distancing while undergoing a security check. Sanitize yourself soon after security check.

6. Medical Fitness Is Mandatory!

Visit your GP and get yourself checked before travel to ensure you are fit to travel. Avoid travel by all means if you are sick or feel unwell. Keep an Oximeter and digital thermometer with you to check your temperature and oxygen levels regularly while traveling. Keep your regular medicines, if any, handy just if you need them while onboard the aircraft.

7. Pack Your Lunch!

In compliance with Covid Protocol, most Airlines do not provide food on board. It is advisable to carry homemade food, water, and cutlery and avoid food from outside while at the airport and on a flight. After all, home-cooked food is the best food!

8. Carry Blankets And Other Essentials:

Carry blankets, earphones, and other personal requirements to use while on the flight. Be mindful of where you touch while using common washrooms.

9. Keep yourself abreast of airline policies concerning travel:

During uncertain times, there is a high probability that travel policies might change at short notice. Remain aware and informed of the current pandemic status at your travel locations. Ensure clarity of refund policies of the airline company in the event of a last-minute cancellation.

The Show goes on but be watchful – nothing can be more refreshing than a getaway after months of lockdown and isolation. The excitement to explore new places and enjoy the outdoors would sure be palpable. Amidst all the gloom and ambiguity that the pandemic has brought in, life still goes on, and we find new ways to deal with the new normal. However, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, remain cautious all the while during your vacation and stay watchful after you get back home.  Remain in self-quarantine for the prescribed period post-travel. Be aware and alert to every minute variation in your health.

Let this holiday season be one of care, caution, and celebration!

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