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Meet Our Passionate Travel Experts:
Crafting Your Perfect Getaway, One Dream at a Time

Kristin Freeman

CEO / Founder / Sr. Travel Advisor

From my own personal journeys, I’ve developed a profound passion for discovery, something I was fortunate to experience from an early age, and have continued to foster in my own family. The simple pleasures of sun, sand, and sea are incredibly special to me, although I’ve had the good fortune to explore a variety of breathtaking destinations worldwide.

Amy Grice

Travel Advisor

The sign hanging on my office wall says “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list”. I think of every trip as a new adventure and an addition to my collection of memories. For me, the perfect trip is a balance of structured tours and activities to learn about the facts and history of the destination, and free time to wander, relax and immerse myself in the culture of a place.

Sonie Distefano

Travel Advisor

I had the opportunity when I was about 10 years old to fly with my dad in a single engine plane, I was so excited to hear of his many adventures all over the world. This sparked a love for travel that I couldn’t even imagine.

Christine Austin

Travel Advisor

My love for travel started at a young age with my family and continued as I studied abroad in college. Most of our family trips were centered around learning the history of a new city, but we did our fair share of road trips as well. I have continued that love for learning about a new area and thoroughly enjoy exploring a new environment. I love seeking out the restaurants where the locals eat as well as enjoying the tourist attractions.

Justine King

Travel Advisor

My love for travel began when I started working as a travel agent almost 30 years ago.

Growing up, we didn’t travel much, so I wanted to make as many travel memories as possible with my own family. My husband and I travel as much as we can!

Cindy Bowling

Travel Advisor

For Cindy travel is not a hobby, it is a passion! She now uses her passion to help others get the best travel experience and value possible.

Cindy has spent years planning trips for her family of four, her extended family and for groups of friends. She understands that travel is personal. Cindy’s background as a physician makes her uniquely qualified to listen to your wants and needs, analyze the options available and create a vacation tailored to you. Understanding how stressful travel can be, she strives to make every client’s trip an enjoyable experience.

Jessica Tavelli

Travel Advisor

Jessica has been working in the travel area for nearly 3 years. She is a devoted mom and wife who loves to travel. Contact her to learn more about how she can help you with domestic and international travel destinations.

Sheree Barrett

Travel Advisor

My deep passion for travel started at an early age. I thoroughly enjoy being involved in every aspect of planning your journey. I’m committed to helping you plan your next adventure and create timeless memories.

MacKenzie Houx

Travel Advisor

My goal as a travel advisor is to allow you to not worry & have to put in any effort in planning your vacation. I want to allow you to have that break and “reset” mindset to allow you to fully enjoy the paradise that traveling can be! I will provide you with options for a vacation plan tailored to your desires to allow you that relaxation!”

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