Christine Austin


Christine Austin

Travel Advisor

My love for travel started at a young age with my family and continued as I studied abroad in college. Most of our family trips were centered around learning the history of a new city, but we did our fair share of road trips as well. I have continued that love for learning about a new area and thoroughly enjoy exploring a new environment. I love seeking out the restaurants where the locals eat as well as enjoying the tourist attractions.

I was excited to share my love for travel with my husband and kids. Luckily, they also enjoy exploring new cities, states, countries, and islands. We try to balance exploring a new culture along with trips that offer a nice sandy relaxing beach (where I will still seek out those local fares!). I have been to countless countries, a few continents, and many islands. Among my favorite places have been Australia, Croatia, Switzerland, France, Italy, Ireland, Belize, Turks & Caicos, St. Lucia, St. Martin. While my adventures go beyond this list, I truly have enjoyed all my travels! I have a long wish list of destinations that I look forward to exploring someday, including Asia as well as exploring more of Central and South America.

I realize that everyone travels for various reasons, and that there are times you want to explore and there are times you want to relax. It can be very overwhelming picking a destination or place to stay. I love working with clients, getting to know them and their vacation goals. I love the challenge of putting together the dream vacation, whatever that might look like for my client!


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