Introducing Our New Logo: Flyover Travel by Beach Happy Unites Two Powerful Travel Brands

FlyOver Travel New Logo

In 2017, the travel industry welcomed a new player, Beach Happy Travel, founded by Kristin Freeman with a visionary goal. What started as a boutique agency catering to a niche clientele has transformed into a beacon of luxury travel. The journey began with Freeman’s desire to blend personal travel with providing exclusive, high-quality service to a select group of travelers. Her commitment to excellence and innovative travel solutions quickly echoed across the market, revealing a greater demand than initially anticipated.

As the world faced unprecedented challenges during the 2020 pandemic, the travel landscape shifted dramatically. This period of global pause allowed Freeman to strategically rethink and reshape the future of her travel business. Emerging from the crisis with renewed foresight, she launched FlyOver Travel—a comprehensive, full-service travel agency. This new venture expanded the scope of services to include a diverse array of travel experiences, containing a team of nine professional travel agents specializing in everything from destination weddings, corporate retreats, river cruises, beach vacations, ocean cruises and exotic safaris. The agents at FlyOver Travel by Beach Happy are experts in their field and do a fantastic job with every client they work with.  

The rapid growth of FlyOver Travel, combined with the solid reputation of Beach Happy Travel, highlighted the need for a unified brand identity that encapsulates the strengths and values of both entities. This realization led to the creation of a new logo for FlyOver Travel by Beach Happy, a symbol of their merged vision. After extensive discussions and meticulous design efforts, the new logo now features both brands under one umbrella, harmoniously blending their identities. The design includes an orange block titled “by Beach Happy,” reminiscent of a serene sunset, laying the foundation of the agency’s origins.

The innovative logo is not just a visual treat but a narrative of the brand’s evolution, embodying the essence of both the original and the new entity. It signifies a seamless transition into a singular, more potent brand, reassuring clients of the continuity and enhancement of the exceptional service they have come to expect. The tagline “Tailored Travel, Timeless Memories” aptly reflects the bespoke travel experiences designed to forge unforgettable memories, a testament to the agency’s commitment to client satisfaction.

FlyOver Travel by Beach Happy not only promises continuity but an enhancement in luxury travel services, ensuring that clients old and new will find an unwavering commitment to comfort and elegance. The agency’s influence stretches beyond client interactions, having made significant contributions to travel industry boards and continually receiving accolades for growth and customer satisfaction.

As we step into this new chapter with the award winning travel agency, FlyOver Travel by Beach Happy, clients can take solace in knowing that they are in very capable hands with the professional advisors on our team. The agency remains dedicated to removing the stress from travel planning, allowing travelers to indulge in journeys that are not just trips, but transformative experiences. With a solid foundation and a clear vision for the future, FlyOver Travel by Beach Happy is poised to redefine luxury travel, making every journey an epitome of personalized luxury and timeless memories.

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