MacKenzie Houx

Travel Advisor

“As someone who has always wanted to travel, been fortunate enough to travel & loved traveling, becoming a travel advisor seemed like such a natural fit for me.
I can remember growing up continuously “booking” pretend vacations to anywhere I could think of. I liked the idea of searching out the perfect resort to stay at, the perfect cruise to go on & at the perfect price.
As I’ve become an adult, I may still do that just for fun, but I’ve been lucky enough to have a husband & family who loves to travel almost as much as I do, so those vacations don’t have to stay just pretend! I love that you get to see so many different places & cultures with traveling & it’s something that I will never get tired of.
Traveling to me feels like such a reset of the mind essentially, it’s a break from whatever you may have going on & a paradise where you don’t have to worry.
Since I’ve started traveling, I’ve gotten to visit various parts of the Midwest, varies parts of Florida, Gulf Shores, AL, Estes Park, CO, Key West, FL, Cozumel, Mexico, Cancun, Mexico, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Although I love traveling to the beach, in the Caribbean & Mexico (& will continue to do so), traveling to Europe is on my list to do soon! My goal as a travel advisor is to allow you to not worry & have to put in any effort in planning your vacation.
I want to allow you to have that break and “reset” mindset to allow you to fully enjoy the paradise that traveling can be! I will provide you with options for a vacation plan tailored to your desires to allow you that relaxation!”


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