Sheree Barrett

Travel Advisor

Throughout my childhood, my opportunities for travel were limited. I didn’t venture far from home, often just exploring places within a few hours’ drive. However, all of that changed when I married in my mid-twenties. Since then, I have developed a deep passion for traveling. It was during a family trip to Alaska that the idea of becoming a travel agent first entered my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in every aspect of planning, from selecting hotels to arranging transportation on the Alaskan Railroad and experiencing the breathtaking 90-mile tour through Denali National Park. Witnessing those well-executed plans come to life was an indescribable joy.


Since then, I have been fortunate enough to visit various destinations, including Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Europe, as well as numerous states and national parks across North America. These experiences have fueled my motivation to turn my love for travel and passion for helping others into a fulfilling career as a travel agent.


With my assistance, I am committed to helping you plan your next adventure and create timeless memories that you will treasure forever. By working closely with each client, I ensure that every aspect of their vacation is carefully attended to, and customized, to match their preferences and desires.


Contact me today, and let’s begin the process of planning your next vacation!


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