Why should I use a travel advisor or agency?

As a professional travel agency, we have heard it all, “I like planning my own travel” or “What does a Travel Agency do” or “I thought working with a travel agent would cost me more”? These are very common for those who have not used a travel agency in the past and it is ok to ask!

Before I was in the industry and  I started the agency I too booked all of my family’s trips – it was my passion and what led me to this profession but candidly each trip I booked I was hoping I made the right choices and had all of the details correct, bottom line a lot of STRESS.   I spent countless hours researching and guessing on where we should travel, what resort was best, what would the weather be like, what excursions and tours were safe and worth the investment and then who to choose?

As a Travel Agency we have the experience of knowing destinations around the world that are great options for everyone. Our agents travel each year to identify additional options for you and we network with other professional travel agents, tour operators, resorts and tourism professionals around the world to give us many options to choose from when recommending travel trips to our clients.

We take travel seriously. We take customer service seriously. We believe in showing value before you commit.

Below are a few reasons we think you should consider when deciding to use a travel agency. Take a look and if you still have questions please feel free to reach out.

Thank you for considering FlyOver Travel by Beach Happy as an option for information and resources to learn about travel.


Expertise: Professionally trained travel agents invest years in education and complete length certification exams to become experts. We also travel and inspect properties several times a year to become more knowledgeable and gain further insight. Our goal is to match your wants and needs to the perfect destination / resort, we collaborate with our clients.

Stress Free Planning and Travel: Why waste time combing through the overwhelming amount of options online? We cut through the clutter to find what works best for you and your unique vacation needs. Agents also have partnerships with properties and suppliers for special deals and extra values like room upgrades, resort credits and more.  All you need to do is pack and go!

Value:  Many people are unaware that when you book online through one of “those” vacation site, you’re paying a “gross” rate that already includes an agent commission, whether you benefit from our assistance or not. Why not get the extra service and attention that you paid for?  Our partners provide us with the commission, our pricing for you tends to be the same price you could have secured for yourself and sometimes even less!

Consumer Protection: Unlike big box stores or generic websites, we don’t go away once your invoice is paid. We solve problems and advocate on your behalf when help is needed with 24/7 support. We also work with you to insure your trip and protect your vacation investment.

Support: We are in your corner during the booking process, leading up to your departure and through your travel.  We answer your questions before you leave, help with any pesky changes that pop up prior to departure (it is alot right now) and are a resource if anything comes up while you are traveling.  No waiting endlessly on hold to get answers!

However you choose to plan your trip, know that using a travel professional can take a lot of work off of your plate. Enjoy the comfort and security of having a partner in your next travel trip.

We would love to work with you on your next adventure!